Luichy Guzmán


Full time film and commercial composer-songwriter with diverse influences and skills. Started his career as a self-taught guitarist, singer, electronic musician and actor in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, creating music for visual and non-visual mediums. Feels equally at home in classical and pop music worlds and has played in rock, reggae and world fusion bands. He plays guitar and keyboards.

Luichy became a theater producer in 2008 focusing in musical theater. Won a Casandra Award in the best musical theater play category for his production of Les Misérables in 2009 and was nominated once again in 2012 in the same category for the musical RENT which he also conducted.

Open to creative projects of any kind, he’s been a composer for 25 years. Has done a variety of work such as arranging for various artists and released CDs of his music since then, but is now dedicated to composition and arranging for film, television, theatre, radio and performing artists.

Proficient in music notation applications, Luichy looks forward to engaging in professional and creatively fulfilling collaborations and using his extensive experiences as a composer, studio musician and performer, along with his strong narrative sensibility and diverse experience in classical, pop/rock, electronic, latin and world music to make a unique contribution to the crowded world of film scoring. This complements his ability to effectively relate and serve others in the entertainment industry with a tremendous amount of authenticity, compassion and enthusiasm.

Luichy currently lives in Santo Domingo but is available for productions in any part of the world. He’s always on the lookout for new and exciting projects in any media and in any genre.

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