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Luichy Guzman is a composer of music for film, TV and commercials. Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Guzman played the keyboard at home, but never had formal piano lessons. Later as a teenager his father bought him an electric guitar which he thoroughly learned through self teaching. His father was a musician. Guzman became frontman of a rock band in which he sang and played the guitar, but it was earlier in his childhood where he was introduced to prolific composer John Williams’ scores (“Star Wars”, “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind”) and it opened up a new world for him. He “escaped” reality humming these scores inside his head most of the time, to the point that it almost became a problem at school. “It took me too long to realize this is what I really wanted to do. All my life I’ve been having a relationship with this music and all along I’ve been neglecting it,” said Guzman. While stylistically diverse, the unifying voice of Luichy's work is an unmistakable rhythmic melody whose themes continue to embody movie excitement and drama for moviegoers.


He worked with director Joe Menendez (“Ladrón que roba a ladrón”) on what became his first feature, the romantic comedy “Quiero ser fiel”. Menendez recognized that the composer’s talent transcended genre, so he entrusted Guzman to score  his follow up, the Lionsgate/Pantelion’s heist action comedy, “Ladrones.”

Most recently, Guzman has composed the music for "Veneno: Primera caída." 


Guzman doesn’t want to be restricted to features and he is actually looking forward to work also in telefilms and video games.

Luichy Guzman and his wife Carolina are residents of Santo Domingo.


Luichy continues in his studio to find inspiration and passion for music, film and family.


Review of "Quiero ser fiel" at Mundo BSO

“Sympathetic comedy score, romantic and environmental, varied in themes, with colorful and warm music that adds a carefree and light tone. It has a notable main theme, humorous moments and some songs.” más…


Jul/4/2014 – Acento.com.do

“Sobre todos los elementos que acompañan a esta comedia, uno posee singular importancia y es la musicalización de [Luichy] Guzmán quien se encarga de puntualizar con ritmos autóctonos este relato dejando un contexto que redondea muy bien todo el filme. [Luichy] evita sobrecargarla en su aspecto musical y confecciona una banda sonora admirable.” más…

Notes From Clients

El polifacético artista, Luichy Guzmán, de mi [parte] consultado para arreglar [mi música], ya con un currículum variado e importante, fue más que una grata sorpresa. Con sus tecnologías, fantasía, experiencia, convirtió mis partituras, en obras de arte. Elegante, sensible, pasional, audaz y original, bajó en los meandros de mis sentimientos, para trasformar mis vibraciones musicales, en algo especial. [Le entregaría una partitura y me olvido], porque sé que en breve me hará escuchar una canción arreglada, en la mejor forma posible. Diría el “non plus ultra” de la Republica Dominicana".  

Enzo Casamassima.


“The multitalented artist Luichy Guzmán, whom I approached to arrange my music, already with a varied and important curriculum, was more than a pleasant surprise. With technology, fantasy and experience he transformed my score into a work of art. Elegant, sensible, passional, bold and original, he came down into the meanders of my feelings to transform my musical vibrations into something special. I'd give him my score and forget about it, because I know that soon he'll have me listening to a fully arranged song in the best possible way. I would say the "non plus ultra" of Dominican Republic."  

Enzo Casamassima.